Best face and body paint for cosplay


The use of makeup allows you to make any fantasy come true. It will chicly complement a costume party, masquerade or carnival, allowing you to merge into the desired image, giving expressiveness and brightness to the character.

Best white face paint for cosplay is used to create different characters, where it is necessary to create a solid matte base for further work. High quality white face paint for cosplay can be used for both adults and children. Such paint does not cause allergic reactions, it is quickly washed off and does not dry out the skin of the face and body.

Thanks to the use of high-quality face and body paints, everyone can transform into Malificent or Shrek, become the hero of the Witcher game or turn into a little hobbit. The best body paint for cosplay gives you the opportunity to experiment and create your favorite characters in just a few hours. But this requires a little patience and some little makeup tricks, which we’ll talk about below.

How to apply for cosplay correctly

Professional makeup is applied from the main tone, the paint is applied evenly to the face using a sponge. If necessary, mask the eyebrows and eyelids. The very process of applying face painting is similar to painting with paints. Using a soft brush, paint the eyebrows, eyes, cheeks, lips and other necessary elements. Make-up starts from the bottom. First the chin, then the cheeks and forehead. The paint is applied in a small amount, it should not drip down the brush, otherwise you will often have to adjust the applied pattern.

In our store you can buy water-based face painting, which is ideal for making up children. Its soft structure fits well on baby’s skin and does not leave a greasy shine on the face. The makeup looks as realistic as possible.

5 tips for Halloween makeup

Learn these simple makeup tricks to help you create really scary Halloween looks.

  1. If you do cover your face with a thick layer of makeup or paint, you should “secure” some areas. Apply some petroleum jelly to your eyebrows and hair roots to keep them from staining.
  2. Usually we do our best to hide the “bruises” under the eyes, but for Halloween sometimes the opposite is required. To create dark circles around the eyes as good as Beetlejuice, use a flat brush to apply black / gray or dark purple mixed with reds to the area around the eyes, then blend with a sponge soaked in water.
  3. Mix nude lipstick with purple eyeshadow and apply the resulting composition to lips to make them look severely chapped.
  4. Making fake blood from available products is also easy: mix creamy burgundy lipstick with a little liquid black liner and transparent lip gloss. This composition cannot be visually distinguished from real blood! Use a fluffy fake-bristle brush to scatter it scruffly over your face for an American Psycho look.
  5. To simulate lost teeth, wipe the two front incisors with alcohol, wipe dry with a paper towel and apply a black waterproof gel liner. Let it dry thoroughly.
Best face and body paint for cosplay
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