Best face and body paint for cosplay

The use of makeup allows you to make any fantasy come true. It will chicly complement a costume party, masquerade or carnival, allowing you to merge into the desired image, giving expressiveness and brightness to the character. Best white face paint for cosplay is used to create different characters, where it is necessary to create […]

Face body paint oil

Oil paints for face and body or oil make-up are made on the basis of various waxes, paraffin, petroleum jelly with the addition of dry coloring pigments. Butter makeup has a denser texture than face painting.  It is harder and longer to work with it, but it also has better durability than water-based paints.  It […]

Green face and body paint

Green dye is the most popular single pigment. With it, you can create many cartoon characters or fairy-tale characters. But first you need to familiarize yourself with the features of its application. Before use, it is recommended to apply the paint on the wrist for 40-60 minutes to make sure that there is no individual […]

Global face and body paint

Body art is a unique technique for painting the face and body, which is often used in promo companies, to create a playable character, as well as on film platforms. This trend has grown into a separate art form that is not so easy to learn. Body art has its own best brands, which guarantee […]

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