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Today, face and body paints have become very popular. With the help of their application, you can transform into any cartoon character, create your favorite game image and surprise your friends on Halloween.

This segment has its own top brands that are gentle to the skin without causing irritation and allergic reactions. In more detail, we will consider below.

   NYX SFX face and body paint palette: Lid lingerie shadow

NYX Profession Makeup is a popular brand whose professional cosmetics are chosen by the best makeup artists from around the world. A good addition to the professional beauty arsenal of a master working in the technique of body art will be a high-quality palette of face and body paints. With the help of this product, you can create a huge number of interesting and vivid images that will not go unnoticed.

I do not like and do not know how to paint my eyes, so I do not need a ton of cosmetics; it is enough to have the required minimum. This minimum should include base shadows to even out the shade of the eyelids and highlight the corner a little. The NYX Professional Makeup Lid lingerie shadow palette has two perfect shades for me. It would be great if they were sold separately so as not to buy 4 more unnecessary ones.

With dense pigmentation and a silky texture, NYX Professional Makeup Lid Lingerie shadow palette is the perfect companion for vibrant makeup. Ten shades of the Lid Lingerie shadow palette make it universal for use on the skin of various shades, giving each make-up a unique and sophisticated look. The applied shadow fits tightly on the eyelids and does not require correction during the day. Warm colors and matte shades from NYX Professional Makeup palette are the perfect filling for every cosmetic bag. The eyeshadow is available in five color combinations. The texture of the shadows is satin, close to a soft soufflé.

On Wildberries, there are negative reviews about delivery, as girls receive broken face and body paint palette. I was lucky, and the palette arrived safe. The order was delivered in bubble wrap. The case was sealed in mica.

The case opens / closes reliably, but the nails remain intact. Inside the refills were protected by a thick film, which I do not usually save.


Makeup Lid lingerie shadow palette 01 is a basic nude eye shadow palette with which you can create a delicate, barely noticeable daytime make-up or make your eyes more expressive with dark shades.


The eyeshadows from have a very delicate silk texture, which allows them to be applied normally and shaded without much effort, even for such “specialists” as me)

When typing on a brush, they do not generate dust, everything remains on the pile and is transferred to the eyelid. Some part of everything – the same settles on the eyelashes, but not critical. No shadows fall into the eyes.

This also applies to other types of brushes. I darken the lash line with the thinnest one, shade it with a short one, and apply light shadows on the entire eyelid with a fluffy one.

Learn more about each shade from the SFX face and body paint palette

They are not named in any way, so we will be in order.

I layered each shade to show what can be achieved from these shadows.

  1. «The first» – is my favorite and most popular shade. It is a shame it does not have a name. Moreover, I myself find it difficult to say what this color is called. In any case, it is with his help that I hide the flaws of my eyelids. Couperose does not overlap badly. Skin color becomes more even. By the end of the day, the shadows roll into a fold, but you need to take into account that I applied them without a base, the skin is oily and the heat is outside.
  2. Purple. My eyes with this shade look sore. I really like the color itself and reminds me of my favorite lip liner Nyx 854.
  3. An accent shade that I will never put on myself in my life) I associate it with rust. Probably, specialists know how to work with him.
  4. Untitled but also my favorite. Cold brown, without a hint of red.
  5. Peach. Also beautiful, very delicate, but for some reason I do not use it.
  6. Brown, but warmer than the previous one in this palette.


Palette NYX Professional Makeup Lid lingerie shadow palette 01 definitely deserves attention and, I think, it can be considered a hit of its kind. It is universal, which is called both in the feast and in the world.


  • Well-matched colors;
  • Comfortable texture;
  • Well pigmented;
  • Large refills;
  • Correspondence price / quality;
  • Virtually no dust when applied;
  • All shades are combined with each other.

NYX face and body paint palette: Ultimate shadow Festival

I already lost track of the Ultimate Shadow Palette collection, but I have almost everything. I remember how a few years ago these palettes were very popular among makeup artists and just makeup lovers … and even now this product in the NYX Professional Makeup brand has not lost its popularity. Still, this collection of shadows is an absolute bestseller.

So, in the summer of 2021, another Ultimate Shadow Palette was released in the Festival shade. Oh, how I was waiting for her. First, I immediately ran to the store to test it! Moreover, you know (spoiler!) I was pleasantly surprised by the pigmentation and the combination of shades. It seemed to me that this is «something new». But first things first

1. SFX face and body paint palette has 16 shades.

16 juicy shades! This is what sets it apart from the rest of the sisters-ultimate palettes.

In total, it contains:

  • 11 matte shades;
  • 3 super metal;
  • 2 satin.

I was just struck by the presence of matte colors. This is such a rarity now! After all, it is with the help of matte shades that you can build the shape of the eye and shade the shadows. «Shining» one, in my opinion, is just an excellent addition to matte.

2. Most interesting: pigmentation!

The eyeshadows are beautifully pigmented. Especially matte shades. It is just love at first touch. Silky texture, ultra-rich formula.  What else do you need?

By the way, I want to draw your attention to the black tint. It is really black! Even coal black. Perfect for «shaded» arrows or darkening.

Swatch of shining shades amazed me too. They are literally applied like oil! Gorgeous texture. I recommend applying all the shining shades either with your finger or with a flat synthetic brush. You can also use a sponge for eyeshadows.

3. The information on the back of NYX face and body paint palette

The manufacturer shows us that shades with an «asterisk» are pressed pigments. The pressed pigment is a pure pigment, which means a guarantee of a high degree of saturation. These shades are best to carefully pick up with a brush and apply on the eyelids exclusively with «trampling» movements. Therefore, the brightness will be just maximum. Moreover, yes, this is a feature of the pigment technique. They require more applicative application than “regular” eyeshadows.

4. My recommendations for applying these shadows:

  1. «Colored» shades require a white backing if you want the most vivid effect. All shadows are tested, roughly speaking, on a white sheet, and our skin has a completely different shade. To get a color identical to that in the palette, use a «white» shade. It can be a pencil, a base under the shadow, a «light» concealer. I use a white wax pencil that stretches well. The NYX Professional Makeup brand calls it Slim Eye Pencil – a shade of White.
  2. Eyeshadows need to be applied with neat «applicative» movements, and then shade the borders.3) For applying shining shades, I recommend using a base under the eyeshadow, so that the pigment literally «sticks to the skin».
  3. It is most convenient for me to work with this palette from «dark» shade to «light». Therefore, shading is as perfect as possible.
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