Face body paint oil


Oil paints for face and body or oil make-up are made on the basis of various waxes, paraffin, petroleum jelly with the addition of dry coloring pigments.

Butter makeup has a denser texture than face painting.  It is harder and longer to work with it, but it also has better durability than water-based paints.  It can be used to apply waterproof makeup.

Face body paint oil painting rules

  • to be applied to clean, dry skin.  The base for this make-up is not needed, since these paints themselves have a rather heavy and oily texture.  If your skin is too dry, you can pre-apply a little moisturizer, let it absorb well and blot your face with paper towels to remove the makeup residue.
  • Apply in a very thin layer.  It is best to use fingers or soft synthetic brushes for application.  The oil make-up is very bright, and a thin layer will be enough to obtain a rich color.  And if you apply too thick, there is a great possibility that the paint will simply flow.
  • oily makeup must be fixed with a transparent powder, it will absorb all the excess oil base that is part of the makeup.  Without this, the makeup will be very smeared.  On top of the powder, you can sprinkle your face a little with a special make-up fixer.

 You should not use face body paint oil for children under three years old, it is too long, and then they will stain everything around with these paints.  It is better to use a special face painting for them.  Also, do not keep this makeup on your skin for more than 12 hours.

Oil-based paints are washed off using special oily removers or makeup remover.  Then you need to wash well with soap or gel for washing.  A soothing cream can be applied.

There are professional face body paint oil kits on sale.  Some of the best manufacturers today are the Ucanbe and CC Beauty brands.  It is better to buy such products in specialized stores or on reliable Internet sites.  Otherwise, you run the risk of acquiring a fake.  In the best case, the paints will not be durable or of high quality.  At worst, you run the risk of harm to your health.

CC Beauty professional face body paint oil 12 colors is a great palette for creating artistic makeup or an unusual look for Halloween or any other.  The thick, creamy texture is excellent for applying to the skin, giving bright, rich colors.  Packaged in a stylish colorful box for easy use.  The set includes 10 quality paint brushes.  With their help, you can apply lines of any thickness and you can shade paints well.  10 basic colors plus gold and silver metallic make it possible to create unforgettable images for any occasion.  You can also mix colors for even more incredible hues.  To rinse it off, just use any waterproof makeup remover.  This product has not been tested on animals.  Hypoallergenic product.

Ucanbe is a US brand that is immensely popular with amateurs and professionals.  Produces top quality decorative cosmetics and theatrical make-up.  Ucanbe athena face body paint oil palette is a palette of 18 popular shades, including black, white, silver and gold.  Also included are purple, dark blue, lime, mango, yellow, dark green, berry red, turquoise, hot pink, blue, orange, cinnamon, terracotta, and light brown.

The palette will allow you to create any desired image, creative and bright makeup.

Easy to apply, no shedding, dryness or cracking on the skin.  For super durability, it is advisable to fix with powder.  It can be removed very easily with olive oil or a professional waterproof makeup remover.

It is best to do an allergy test before applying any face and body paints.

We strongly do not recommend that you use paints for drawing on paper, such as gouache, watercolor, acrylic paints for face art and body art.  They can be harmful to the skin and can cause irritation or an allergic reaction.

Face body paint oil
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