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Body art is a unique technique for painting the face and body, which is often used in promo companies, to create a playable character, as well as on film platforms. This trend has grown into a separate art form that is not so easy to learn. Body art has its own best brands, which guarantee excellent results and take good care of the skin. Since the paint on the body can be applied for 5-8 hours, it must be completely safe for humans and not cause allergic reactions or irritations.

These are paints of different colors, placed in one container and created for working with the double stroke or one stroke technique. In general, this means that the entire palette is applied in one gesture.

I would like to share my impressions about art-cake for face painting. This is one of the products of the Global Company made in Australia. This is a fairly popular and well-known company in the world of body art, face art and face painting.

Each company has its own color palette, be it TAG, Camelion or SuperStar, and therefore there seems to be a similarity, but the shades are still different. I already had separate, regular and neon Global face paints, but I was in no hurry to purchase art-cake. It seemed to me that they were too gloomy and dark. However, as it turned out, I should not have thought so.

When choosing paints in an online store, I used to give preference to another company, but when I had the opportunity to try out art-cake from Global, I immediately bought a couple of samples.

For now, we will look at a couple of art-cake samples. These are irises called «Sugar rush» and «London».

Paint can be applied with a sponge or wide brushes of various sizes, depending on what you want to depict.

Paint activation

Paints are activated easily and quickly, it is well typed on a sponge or a brush, but if we are only talking about brushes specially designed for face painting. A brush from an art store can also be used. She draws and draws well, but the return of the paint is bad, which means that the consumption of paint increases.


The density of Global face paint is ideal. When dry, they do not fade, remain bright and saturated, the paint does not crack or crumble. Face painting Global is hypoallergenic, which means it does not cause allergies. Has a slightly perceptible sweetish odor (like watercolor or gouache), but immediately disappears when applied.


Global Colors face and body paint is water based. The paints adhere perfectly to the skin, without pulling it, but at the same time they are afraid of excess moisture. What does it mean? If you are caught in the rain or your child is actively moving and sweating a lot, then the make-up will certainly flow and smear.

I offer Sugar rush cake as an example, because it has a secret. In addition to the four colors, there is a small strip of white paint on the side. If you do not touch it with a brush, then you will type only the basic colors, and the picture will be saturated, bright. Moreover, if at the last moment you pick up a little white, then the colors immediately mix and the drawing becomes lighter and more delicate.


Global cakes color combinations differ from other manufacturers. The developers of Global art cakes were not afraid to mix complex colors. Quite bold and unusual combinations turned out. I thought that some of these cakes after activation would look like a dirty spot, and not a bright clear iris. However, having tested them personally, I realized how deeply I was mistaken, making such hasty conclusions.


As a result, the combination of colors of Global face and body paint pleasantly surprised me, but it should be noted that the «fly in the ointment» dispelled all the euphoria. Namely, a couple of flowers upset me. Some colors (such as purple or red) leave a «fine» mark when the pattern is removed.

However, since this is still face painting, which refers to decorative cosmetics, moreover, for children, everything is not as critical as it might seem at first glance. Apply a little moisturizer or baby cream, wait a couple of minutes and voila: from the trace, not a trace remains.

Tips for applying Global Colors face and body paint

Before work, the paint must be moistened like watercolor, most conveniently from a spray bottle, a couple of “zips”. You can apply face painting on clean, dry skin with a sponge or a wide flat one to obtain a gradient of the color palette, or use a thin brush to pick only the color you need for the picture.

All paints can be mixed with each other and overlap a lighter shade with a darker or more saturated color.

Face painting is suitable for both face and body, dries very quickly and after that it does not get dirty. The main thing is not to sweat, otherwise the paint flows, after all, they are water-soluble, and sweat is the same water.

Global Colors body art face and body paint do not cause allergies, face painting can be easily washed off with water and soap or baby wipes.

Global face and body paint
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